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5 Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Golf Day

A well-organized and managed corporate golf outing offers several positive outcomes for your

company. Beyond being a great fundraising opportunity for your business, favorite nonprofit, or

a specific cause, golf outings allow you and your team to network with fellow employees, clients,

and the community while raising awareness about your business and having fun simultaneously.

The advantages of hosting a golf event are aplenty; here are five ways an outing can benefit

your business.

Showcase Your Company

A company golf outing is an excellent way to showcase how great your business is by how you

execute and organize the event. A well-run event will directly reflect on your business and how it

runs. Current clients and prospects will no doubt be thinking about how this is a great day

“working from the office.” As your guests get ready to play a round, it’s a great opportunity to

display the benefits of your business through branded merchandise, goodie bags, or informative


Network With Clients and Customers

Hosting a corporate golf outing allows you to network with clients and customers for four

focused hours. Gone are the formalizations you experience in an office setting, and instead, you

can relax and connect with each guest on a more personal level. Inviting current and

prospective clients can help them intermingle naturally and form and strengthen relationships

that benefit your business.

Engage With Your Community

Maybe one of your goals for your golf outing is community engagement. By hosting a golf event

designed to be an inclusive communal activity, you encourage your guests to come together,

network, and enjoy a round of golf on your behalf. Before planning your community golf event,

you’ll want to consider a few things like “Who would you like to attend?” and “What kind of

turnout are you interested in?”. Identify a way to track registrations and sponsorships so you can

easily collect participant information that can be used before, during, and after the event.

Stand Out From the Competition

When you host a memorable golf event, you can distinguish your business from your

competitors. By doing good in your community and creating a positive social impact, your

company will attract the right kind of attention, and your event will be one that guests will want to

attend again and again. At Bluestone Country Club, we are the best golf course for company

outings. Our golf course features undulating greens, strategic bunkering, and water hazards to

make it fun yet challenging!

Increase Brand Awareness

A golf outing is an invaluable way to establish your brand position and increase awareness in

your industry. Remember to take pictures at your event and share them through social media to

capture the fun moments of the day. That way, your guests can share the photos with their

friends, colleagues, and partners, which will boost engagement and highlight your company in a

positive light.

Why Bluestone Country Club Is the Best Golf Course for Company Outings

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and fun course at Bluestone Country Club. We have several golf

outing packages to choose from for your next corporate event. A great day of fun, food, and

friends is in store for your current and prospective clients when you book your golf day at

Bluestone. Our course is perfect for golfers of all skill levels, and our staff is available to assist in

making your guests comfortable. Connect with our team today at (215) 646-2300 to learn more

about our corporate golf outing packages.

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