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Why Your Next Corporate Retreat Should Be at a Country Club.

Why Your Next Corporate Retreat Should Be at a Country Club.

Planning a successful corporate retreat can be daunting. From selecting the perfect space to

host your team to ensuring your employees are accommodated with tasty food and drinks, there

are hundreds of moving parts to pin down to guarantee a seamless experience. Choosing the

right event venue to fit your needs is a critical piece of the puzzle. Let’s look at some reasons

why your next business event should be hosted at a country club.

Versatile Event Space

Country clubs often have several event spaces to choose from, whether hosting a large event or

an intimate retreat. Most have spacious meeting rooms and break-out rooms with projectors,

podiums, drop-down screens, microphones, and free wifi at your disposal. Your staff won’t feel

crowded, and after the meeting, your guests are welcome to step outside onto the patio and

take in the beautiful scenery.

Excellent Service

A country club event comes with professionalism and excellence that are unmatched. You and

your team will receive top-notch service to ensure your event runs smoothly. The staff is there to

support your success and will often go over all the details beforehand to guarantee the big day

goes off without a hitch.

Spectacular Scenery

Many businesses choose to host their corporate retreats in a stuffy conference room. While this

gets the job done, your guests might feel uncomfortable. Selecting a country club to host your

work event provides a much-needed break from the traditional boardroom meetings. Your staff

can look out over the rolling, lush greens of the golf course and relax surrounded by nature.

Food and Drink Accommodations

Not only will your guests be able to feast on the scenic surroundings, but they also can dine on

great food and drink. Most country clubs have an in-house catering team that will work with you

to prepare the menu to your liking.

Exceptional Amenities

Apart from professional service, beautiful scenery, and tasty food and beverage options, a

country club offers several amenities that will make your guest's stay worthwhile. If your

employees have free time, they can always hit the links and enjoy networking opportunities with

like-minded individuals.


We know that arranging a corporate event is a significant undertaking that requires a lot of time

and planning to ensure it’s successful. When you select a country club as your corporate retreat

destination, you will have access to a team of expert event organizers that carry out these tasks

daily. Their knowledge and expertise guarantee your entire experience will be convenient and


The Perfect Event Venue Awaits at Bluestone Country Club

Bluestone Country Club is one of the premier corporate retreat locations in the Greater

Philadelphia area. When you select us as your hosts for your work event, you can rest assured

we will take care of all your needs. From our versatile event space, breathtaking scenery,

superb food and drink accommodations, and a wide range of amenities, Bluestone Country Club

makes the perfect backdrop for your day. If you’re ready to start planning your country club

event, connect with us at 215-646-2300.

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