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Advice For Your First Month of Being a Member

Advice For Your First Month of Being a Member

Being a new member of a group or program can be challenging. You might feel anxious or

uneasy and unsure how and where you will fit in. Joining a new country club is no different; it

can be a nerve-wracking experience for a starter or a seasoned professional. Don’t let your

apprehension get the best of you! From sharpening your golf skills to making lifelong

friendships, many incredible benefits come with joining a country club. Below we share seven

tips to help you settle in.

Make an effort.

After joining a country club, there will be plenty of invitations from current members to get out on

the greens or the court. Bluestone members often seek out new members to get them

acclimated and help them feel welcomed. Your job is to make an effort! Instead of heading

home after a round, walk around the club and introduce yourself to members. Ask questions to

learn more about the people and explore the environment where you will be spending your time.

Get out on the (putting) greens.

Members are encouraged to utilize all the club’s amenities, not just the golf course. Before

heading to the first tee, take some time to visit the putting green, pitching area, or warm-up nets,

where it’s easy to strike up a conversation with a fellow member.

Join a group.

If you’re playing on your own and there’s a group behind you, ask if you can join them. Similarly,

if someone is in front of you and about to tee off on their own, ask them if they’d like to join you.

Joining a group is a great way to network and meet new club members.

Watch your etiquette and appearance.

It’s crucial to not only look the part but also practice good etiquette on the greens. Having a

polished appearance will help you make a good impression, and remember to mark your ball

and avoid slow play, especially if you pick up a partner.

Attend the country club events.

Organized club events are a great way to meet new people with similar interests and socialize

with your community. Most golf clubs offer social activities like wine tastings, golf tournaments,

or fitness classes to their members, which are always loads of fun.

Enter a club tournament.

There’s no better way to meet people than entering a competition or tournament! Everyone

loves a good challenge, and these events are the perfect way to mingle and meet community


Buy a round.

After a game, head to the clubhouse and buy a round for whoever you were playing with. This

will show your foursome that you are generous and friendly, and the next time you play together,

a round will be bought for you!

Country Club Events With Bluestone Country Club

So much more than a golf course, Bluestone Country Club is a community. With a country club

membership, you can enjoy endless benefits, including fun and family-friendly social events like

celebrations and brunches, swimming pool access, tennis and pickle-ball, exclusive golf perks,

incredible dining options, and so much more. Ready for a tour? Contact us at 215-646-2300,

and we can show you everything that Bluestone Country Club offers.

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