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Benefits That Come With Country Club Membership

Benefits That Come With Country Club Membership

If you love the game of golf, you might consider joining a country club. Besides gaining

exclusive membership access and incredible perks such as unlimited golf course and practice

facility entry and advanced tee time availability, there are plenty of other events and activities

that come with a membership. A country club membership can be a considerable investment, so

it’s a smart idea to consider the advantages that accompany it. Below we highlight several

benefits you’ll experience immediately after joining a country club.

Golf Course Access

One of the greatest benefits of a country club membership is often the golf itself. Many clubs

offer unlimited golfing to members and several other perks. At Bluestone, our full golf

membership includes the following:

● Unlimited golf course and practice facility access

● Club tournament eligibility

● Bag storage and personal locker

● 14-day advance tee time availability

● Utilization of caddies

● Access to member leagues

● Complete pool, tennis, and pickleball access

● Social membership benefits at no additional cost for family members


Club life is filled with several other luxuries outside the golf course. Typically, members enjoy

the tennis court and swimming pool access, on-site dining, and fitness facilities. Since most country

clubs are family-friendly, you can also take advantage of more time together as you participate

in some of the great entertainment offered at your club.

Restaurants and Lounges

Country clubs offer their members excellent on-site restaurants staffed by five-star chefs who

provide exceptional service and delicious food. Each country club has its own flair; you might

experience pub-style fare at one or fancy, world-class dining at another. Your membership will

often come with an allowance or minimum to use at the on-site facilities, providing you with

snacks and drinks after a round or a meal at the restaurant once a month.

Country Club Events and Networking Opportunities

One of the most significant benefits of joining a country club is the enjoyable events and

socializing opportunities. Events range from private dinners to themed evenings. Country clubs

also host several yearly golf tournaments for their members, which provides the chance to

socialize with others and network with influential professionals.


Arguably the most indispensable benefit of joining a country club is the sense of community.

With a country club membership, you can come together with like-minded individuals who have

similar interests to you. You get a feeling of belonging, which you can share with your family and

guests as well as other neighborhood and community members.

Curious About Bluestone and Our Country Club Membership?

At Bluestone, we are so much more than just a country club; we are a community. Besides our

championship 18-hole, par 71 golf course that features open and undulating greens with

strategic bunkering and water hazards, you can enjoy an abundance of social opportunities and

country club events! No golfing is needed to gain access to our can’t-miss affairs like wine tours,

holiday celebrations, black tie galas, networking events, weddings, swimming pool access,

fitness classes, and private lessons on our tennis courts. If you’d like to learn more about a

Bluestone country club membership, contact us at 215-646-2300.

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