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How to Pick the Perfect Country Club

Joining a country club will grant you an abundance of benefits. From meeting new people,

networking, to finding similar people with similar interests, joining a country club provides you

with a sense of belonging and a strong community.

With a population of 6,250, Blue Bell is one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. The

sparse suburban feel, local coffee shops, restaurants, and parks make Blue Bell the perfect place

to retire and live a peaceful life.

With that being said, there are numerous country clubs in the Blue Bell area. So how do you pick

the best one?

Questions to Ask When Joining a Country Club

When searching for the perfect country club you will take tours of the courses, talk with the

directors, and maybe even play a few rounds of golf to get a feel. Consider a few questions to ask

when joining a country club.

1. Should I Join a Country Club?

When asking yourself “should I join a country club?”, consider the type of memberships that are

being provided. Find out if the members own and run the club or if it is corporately owned.

Also, some clubs are private, whereas others are only semi-private. The director should offer a

membership structure to hand out, but make sure you know exactly what type of membership is

involved with each club you are considering.

2. What Type of Costs is Involved?

Country club memberships come with country club fees and dues, but do not forget to see if

there are any other hidden charges. For example, there may be a food or beverage monthly

minimum, locker rentals, club storage, caddie charges, etc. Ask how often dues increase. This

will all play into helping you find the perfect club!

3. Can I Talk to Other Guests and Staff Members?

It is essential to find a club that puts their guest first. That includes a friendly staff that is always

willing to help the members. While on tours, take a look around. You can learn a lot such as the

average age and demeanor of the other members.

Most importantly, talk to the other guests that are around to make sure you can see yourself

fitting into the vibe and culture of the club.

4. Do I Need Reservations?

Busier clubs may require tee-time and reservations daily whereas slower clubs may allow more

unannounced walk-ins. When you join a country club, ensure you can play whenever you want.

Ask about the policies for tee-time and also if reservations are needed for other amenities.


Joining a country club comes with pros, so what are the amenities included with a Bluestone

Country Club membership? Our community offers:

● Outdoor Patios & Fire Pits

● Panoramic Views of the Golf Course

● Multiple Dining Rooms, Bars, & Lounges

● Private Events

● Community Events

Test Out the Golf Course

Bluestone Country Club offers a championship-level, 18-hole golf course. Before committing to

our wonderful club, we offer all potential members to test out our course. The course features

rolling greens, tactical bunkers, and water hazards making it a fun challenge. You can walk the

course or opt for our electric-only golf carts.

A Club That Puts Their Guest First

When seeking the perfect Blue Bell country club, you may find yourself searching the web to

“join a country club near me”. Allow us to save you time and energy by proposing Bluestone

Country Club!

We offer more than just a golf course, we are a community. When you are ready to join our

Bluestone Country Club family, contact us to schedule your tour and learn more about our


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