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The Best Events to Host at a Country Club

Social, sports, service, or recreation—whatever category best describes your country club,

events are the best way to generate buzz and bring people together. Hosting fresh, creative

happenings at your club will excite and entice your current members while attracting other

individuals to join in on the exclusivity. Wondering what kind of events will attract more people to

your country club? Keep reading to find five engaging country club event ideas your members

are sure to love!

Why Host Country Club Events?

Social events are one of the best ways to bring people together, and a club that works hard to

organize fun occurrences gets the opportunity to meet new people while attracting new

members. Along with increased country club memberships, hosting events can:

● Boost member loyalty - Rather than being seen as just a place that offers various

sports and recreational facilities, your club can also be seen as a place where members

can bring their family and friends to enjoy a diverse array of activities. Enjoy the loyalty of

your club members while they get together and create lasting memories.

● Increase special event bookings - Hosting fun and creative events at your club

demonstrates your range of capabilities to your members. Maybe after attending an

event, a member will book a wedding or choose your country club to host their next

corporate luncheon.

Change people’s perception - It’s no surprise that country clubs are often synonymous

with exclusivity and affluence. While this might be enticing to baby boomers, millennials

aren’t as interested in joining a country club. Hosting creative events is an excellent way

to change their minds and woo the younger generations.

Creative Country Club Event Ideas

Below, we’ve compiled a list of fun and engaging club events that will appeal to all ages and

interests. Choose your events wisely and only consider ones that suit your club’s image. You

should also set a guest policy before your event, so members know if they can invite

non-member guests, how many per membership, and if they will need to purchase tickets.

Remember to promote your event through social media and take lots of photos during the


Sip and Chip or 9, Wine, and Dine - Casual golf events like this encourage members to

bring along their significant others, friends, or family members for a quick round. Wrap

up the day at the clubhouse with drinks and appetizers for a relaxing day on the greens.

Comedy Night - Comedy events are a great way to bring in local talent from the

community for a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Movie Night - Host a “flicks on the fairway” or “par-tee on the greens” with a movie night

perfect for all ages. Both relaxing and entertaining, we’re sure this event will be a hit with

your members and their families.

Casino Night - With the drinks and the appetizers flowing, guests will surely enjoy

casino night! Hire casino dealers, rent gaming equipment, and don’t forget prizes for a

truly unique and fun experience.

Open Mic Night - Whether you bring in local bands or open the mic up to talented club

members, live music can be enjoyed by everyone.

Why Choose a Country Club Membership at Bluestone?

Are you ready to host your very own event at Bluestone Country Club? Our venue offers a

variety of beautiful, newly renovated indoor and outdoor spaces to host your special occasion.

From opulent cocktail parties catered by our team of chefs to weddings as unique as you, we

can truly create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. If you’d like to learn more

about our country club events or how you can book our space, contact our team today at

215-646-2300 to schedule a tour.

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