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Top 6 Customs and Courtesies on the Golf Course

If you are ready to try golf, you should know that playing is much more than just a leisurely

sport. There are several rules for the game of golf itself and particular customs and courtesies

that everyone should understand before heading out to hit the links. Whether you have dabbled

with golf before or are just starting, it is crucial to remember golf etiquette within your group and

on the course. Below we will help you avoid several etiquette mistakes.

Rules of Golf Etiquette

From the time you arrive at the club until you leave, there are several behavioral conventions

and customs to follow. Consider the game of golf played in stages: before you start, the tee-off,

on the tee, on the green, and after your round.

Arrive Early

One of the simplest courtesies during the game of golf happens before you even step on the

green—it is arriving early. Most courses prefer golfers to arrive 30 minutes before their tee time.

Failure to show up on time not only sets you and your group back, it potentially pushes the rest

of the tee sheet behind. Aim to arrive 20-30 minutes before your scheduled tee time to ensure

you have plenty of time to check in, stretch, and hit some putts and chips.

Know the Rules

While the United States Golf Association has an extensive rule book, there are several

regulations that even beginners should be familiar with, including:

● 14-club rule

● Play behind the tee markers

● Play the ball as it lies

● Understand hazards like water

● Unplayable lies

● Cart path rules

● Avoid giving or asking for advice

● Never stand behind someone as they putt

● Bunker rules

● Mark your golf balls

When playing at a top-rated golf course like Bluestone Country Club, it is critical to follow these

simple rules to ensure everyone on the green enjoys their time.

Don’t Talk While Others are Taking Their Shot

Arguably the most notable golf tip, be quiet while others are hitting their shots. Standing

motionless, keeping silent, and not talking are essential rules to ensure you do not distract

another player. You should also make sure your cell phone is on silent. Avoid fumbling around

with your golf clubs during this time too. Silence is a crucial part of the golf game and is

essential in helping players maintain their focus.

Lost Ball Etiquette

A new rule to the game of golf is the shortened time to find a lost golf ball. Instead of five

minutes to retrieve your lost ball, you now have three minutes from the time you reach the spot

where you suspect your ball landed to locate it. After three minutes, if not found, declare it lost,

play your provisional ball, and move on.

Playing Slow

One of the biggest annoyances on the golf course is playing slow or not keeping up with the

pace of play of the group in front of you. To avoid slow play:

● Walk at a reasonable rate between shots

● Plan your shot as you approach your ball

● Limit practice swings to two

● From the time you select your club until you hit your shot, it should take no more than 45


● If you are not ready to play once it is your turn, encourage another player from your

group to take their shot


The final golf etiquette rule is simple; always yell “Fore” if you think there’s a chance your shot

will hit another player.

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