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Top Health Benefits of Tennis

People play sports for all different kinds of reasons. There are professionals who have

dedicated their lives to athletic prowess, there are those just looking for a bit of competitive spirit

to add to their days, and there are even those whose main goal is to stay active and break a

sweat. Tennis is certainly a sport that accounts for all of these people, but unless you can serve

120 miles per hour, we want to highlight tennis as one of the best sports for cardiovascular


Tennis is a sport for players of all ages, all athletic abilities, and all different kinds of intentions.

Here at Bluestone Country Club, we welcome all of our members to enjoy our state-of-the-art

tennis courts. From men’s league competitive matches to kids clubs, training programs to senior

games, tennis is the perfect activity for those trying to stay active and increase their physical


Health Benefits of Tennis:

Great For Your Heart!

As we mentioned above, the game of tennis is one of the best sports for cardiovascular health.

The non-stop nature of tennis ensures that your heart is always pumping while you run to return

a serve or swing your arm back for a shot. Studies prove that playing tennis, at varying

competition levels, can lower both your resting heart and your blood pressure. The average

tennis match will typically be about one hour and the pacing of quick sprints and continuous

runs can work wonders for your cardiovascular health. If you’re looking to decrease your

chances of heart disease, tennis can certainly help!

Fitness and Strength:

There are practically limitless benefits to your physical fitness when you are regularly playing

tennis. Clearly, with high-intensity running and all of this activity that happens during a long

match, players can significantly lower their body fat, improve their muscle tone, increase

flexibility, and even develop better stamina. These things are important for people of all ages,

especially those parents who have very busy schedules but still would like to get a great

workout in. For elderly players, increasing this physical health and strength can have

tremendous benefits.

Great for Kids!

As a parent, it can be difficult to get your children excited about exercise. More specifically, the

idea of getting your kids to run on the treadmill or lift weights can seem nearly impossible.

Tennis is not only a great exercise for people of all ages, but it also is incredibly fun! Much like

basketball, soccer, and other sports, your children will get more excited about exercise and

running when it involves an element of playful competition, fun, and skill development.

Get in the Game Today!

Now that you know some of the many health benefits of tennis, it’s time to start playing! If you’re

in Montgomery County and looking for “private tennis courts near me,” Bluestone Country Club

is the place to be! We have an exceptional racquet sports facility open to all of our members to

help them stay active and enjoy some friendly competition. We also have swimming pools, a

beautiful golf course, and much more for you to delve into! Interested in membership? Click

here to learn more!

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